Monday, May 3, 2010

Not a great picture... but I do like the Delectable Mountains... Quilt in a Day Pattern

A new week. And I don't really feel like last week has ended yet. Wouldn't it be nice if every week had 5 more days... nah... I'd never catch up!
My friend K at the Rock watching the sun set over Lake Nipissing with her beautiful dog Nikita!

I had an incredible time with my friends in North Bay/Calendar/ middle of no where! It's just like them to live somewhere so remote that even the black flies hadn't found them yet. A few more weeks and it would have been an art quilt. They live on Lake Nipissing and it was beautiful there. I would say it was peaceful, but the 14 year old had a birthday and there were so many teens running in and out, peaceful wouldn't really be a word. But, being with old friends, if for only a few days... priceless. I did find a new favorite "notion". Ivory Soap. My friend gets leg cramps and his father told him to put a bar of Ivory soap under his sheets and voila... no more leg cramps. They say it works for restless leg syndrome as well... off to buy Ivory Soap! (but I think any soap will do!)

I also, learnt, that you can purchase the Proportional Scale at a Quilt Store. Golden Threads has one available. (I paid about 3 dollars for mine and this one was almost $9... I'm just saying...) I found it while browsing around a cute little quilt store in North Bay, Homestead Stitches. The store interior is charming. They have a whole wall full of old display cases that they have their fabric displayed on and the store reeks of antiquities when you walk in the door. Yum! I didn't buy much as I plan to go back when I am on my own and spend some time there, but I did manage to buy some Misty Fuse, which I have been looking everywhere for. I have heard it is wonderful with the Accu Quilt (which I am hoping to buy soon) and also for Bernina owners who are using the BSR. Also... it is so light weight, it feels like a product you won't know is there when you apply it, so I am anxious to try it... if it works out, you will hear about it!


  1. I have red your BLOG, finally! Very impressive. Maybe you should be doing this for a living, along with all of the other things you are currently doing for a living. I think after "Your 30 Favorite Gadgets", you should do "Your 30 Favorite Things About Your Daughter" That's just my opinion.
    Great Job Mom!

  2. Wow, a quilter, blogger and appreciated by your daughter. I do believe you'll be smiling straight through to Mother's Day! :)
    Great post. Thanks.
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles - Invisible Ink