Sunday, September 20, 2009

I was thinking today I wanted to start a blog, and then I realized I had already started one... and sure enough, I had, here, in 2007.

Oh my... that was a bad start..

so fresh new blog!

Thursday Kris and Mariona arrived. I am excited they are here, but I am not sure they are as excited as I am. What a major change for them, leaving a large city like Calgary and arriving here in this small town... ah well they will get better.

Yesterday I taught block 8 of the nutcracker. It was a good class and I was very excited to have another block done... won't be long now and I will have all 12 blocks done.

Today, I finished another binding... I am on a binding thing right now... I must have 25 quilts that are not bound. Yesterday I finished sewing the binding on my halloween table cloth which I have used for the last 4 years bindingless. I was very excited to have that finished! Today I did my little star quilt that I made in 2005, quilted in 2008 and finally bound. I sewed my "label" on as a hanging sleeve.. embroidered the info right onto the sleeve. What a time saver.

I also made two curtains for the window in the door that comes into our garage. Most people use it and I decided in an attempt to use up fabric I would make seasonal curtains for the window. So today I made Fall and Christmas... I have some great Easter fabric which is really only a polycotton or poor quality cotton, so I am going to make a curtain with that as well.

I finished my hoopsisters pillow... I bought the pillow form yesterday. I will post a picture of it. It looks great on my brown leather chair. That was a fun project.

Well it is time to think about supper...